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Circular 18/2009/TT-BXD export minerals to guide construction materials

Pursuant to Decision No. 152/2008/QD-TTg November 28, 2008 of the Prime Minister approving the planning of exploration, exploitation, processing and use of minerals for construction materials in Vietnam period to 2020;

Article 4. List of minerals allowed to export limited export

1. Mineral exports are permitted mineral is not in the list of export restrictions stated in paragraph 2 of this.

2. List of mineral export restrictions:

a) Limestone and additives in the planning of mining exploration, mining and processing of raw materials for cement production by Decision No. 105/2008/QD-TTg July 21, 2008 of Prime Minister and Prime Minister of the mines were added to allow the planning;

b) clay;

c) feldspar (School of agar);

d) Construction sand;

e) At the end gravel, the type of hotel;

e) developed the mines in the provinces of the Southeast and Southwest.

Article 5. Conditions for mineral construction materials are allowed to export

1. Minerals are mined from the mine exploitation permit or mining permit in force issued by the competent State.

2. Minerals by the State agency authorized confiscation and the sale is valid documents or purchase the auction.

3. Sand salinity are mining from the dredging, offshore communication channel rivers, estuaries, river ports and sea borders, a project by the competent authorities for approval and certification of export out of the sand demand local use.

4. Where the minerals on the list but have limited export demand for exports, the export permit by the Prime Minister's decision.

5. Cases not on the list of mineral export restrictions, but at the time of export demand that affect the balance between supply and demand in the country, the temporary suspension of exports by the Prime Minister's decision.

6. Minerals temporary import for re-export or import for processing and export or import for processing, processing for foreign traders shall comply with the provisions in Decree No. 12/2006/ND-CP dated 23 01, 2006 of the Government detailing the implementation of the Commercial Law regarding goods trading activities and international activities of buying, selling, processing and transit with foreign countries.

Article 6. Processing conditions and quality standards for mineral building materials exports (excluding mineral temporary import for re-export)

Minerals must be processed and the quality standards prescribed in Annex 1 to this. Analysis of experimental results the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of minerals must be laboratories LAS-XD or equivalent or higher certification.

Article 7. Conditions for organizations and individuals that export minerals

Organizations and individuals permitted to export minerals if they meet the conditions prescribed by law for trade.

Article 8. Dossiers for export of minerals including:

1. Dossier in accordance with commercial law.

2. Experimental results and analysis provided for in Article 6 of this Circular.

3. The specific case is defined as follows:

a) Any organization or individual exporting mineral exploitation by self-processing must be notarized copies of mining permits, mineral processing permit valid by the State agency authorized to issue;

b) For organizations and individuals to buy mineral processing for export must be notarized copies of licenses and permits for mining and processing of the seller by the State agency authorized to issue valid for to the time of the acts of exploitation and processing;

c) For organizations and individuals to buy mineral processing for export must have a notarized copy of the license sale and exploitation of mineral processing permits by state agencies authorized to issue such regulations in Point b of this paragraph;

d) With respect to the purchase of minerals in Point b and c of this paragraph must be accompanied by economic contracts and copies of invoices of value added tax.